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Offical Website of the 2017-2018 Central Maroon Wrestling Team 

The next page in the historic Maroon Wrestling page is about to be written by the young men of the 2016-2017 Champaign Central High School Wrestling team.

Home Page
Central Wrestling 

Welcome to the official website of the Champaign Central High School Maroon Wrestling Team. We are based within Champaign, Illinois, and wrestle in the Big 12 conference. We are a class AA school within the IHSA. 


Champaign Central High School 


Vision Statement: Where are we going?


Champaign Central High School department of athletics will be recognized by the Big 12 Conference as the standard of excellence through athletic and academic success.

The Champaign Central High School department of athletics is educating its student-athletes while building leadership and teamwork qualities and a reputation as winners on and off the field of play.


Mission Statement: Why do we do what we do?


The Athletic Department at Champaign Central High School seeks to instill, encourage and sustain a great tradition of excellence by enhancing the lives of our athletes and will promote a culture where athletes will grow as people, students and competitors. The student-athletes at CHS will learn to enjoy the preparation for competition, feel valued as individuals and respect the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. All of this will enhance pride among its student body, staff, alumni and community.


CORE VALUES: The Champaign High School


  • Trust, Care, Commitment and Action

    • Can I trust you to do your best?

    • Do you care to become the very best?

    • Are you totally committed to becoming the very best?

    • Do your actions support your responses?

  • Character – Do what you are supposed to do when you are supposed to do it and do it that way every time

  • Hard Work

  • Success – We value winning and achievement in athletics, academics and personal development while complying within the rules and regulations of the IHSA.


Maroon Wrestling Mission Statement


The Champaign Central Wrestling program’s mission will be to:

Promote academic excellence while learning the sport of wrestling and what the sport can teach you about life. The team must take ownership of their path with the program, the basic team rules and the direction they want to go. Learning the sport, what the sport can teach the wrestlers and life skills are as important as winning. The training will be positive; the wrestlers must find it challenging, feel self-worth, have fun and learn what it takes to be successful in the process. All wrestlers must learn the importance of how to be a tough competitor and a class act at the same time. We will strive to develop in every team member the skills to successfully handle the obstacles of life outside of wrestling, be modest with their victories, understand their defeats and learn to make the sacrifices that wrestling and life sometimes requires doing. Success in life and wrestling championships will be won and lost in the classroom, in our practice room and through their competition.


Team Vision


The preparation involved for the individuals and the team is for the Regional, Sectional and State Honors. Our vision is to prepare for the end of the season, build a respected program, while accomplishing success in academics. Our team needs to be a strong dual meet team, capable of beating any team in the State. We will regard regular season dual meets as extra practice, as a time to try new holds and maneuvers; as a time for our wrestlers to learn how to compete; a time to gain experience and confidence; a time to find out what works and what doesn’t for each individual. The team is to be offensively minded, wrestle hard with relentless attack for 6 minutes, be mentally tough, determined and be a class act, win or lose. Individuals and team will become more self-motivated in their thinking, feel self-worth and take ownership of the team. They should have a sense of contribution to their teammates and the team. The team will build strong confident leaders within our school and community through this program.

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