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The Central westling program doesn't require wrestlers to cut weight but prefer the athlete to wrestle at the weight class they choose and where they feel they will perform their best. At the beginning of the season, all athletes are weighed and have a body fat percentage calculated under fully hydrated conditions determined through the IHSA certification process. Wrestlers are certified and told what is the lowest weight class they are certified for without being below a 7% body fat content by a trained athletic trainer. The wrestler is given this information in order for them to make a knowledgeable decision on weight management. We do encourage all wrestlers to eat right and have a healthy diet in order to perform their best whether it means cutting some weight or getting bigger to compete at a heavier weight. A large key to an individual's success in the sport of wrestling is the ability for the athlete to manage their weight properly. Anyone who has ever had to "cut weight" knows how hard it can be and how doing it improperly can hinder your athletic performance on the mat. When doing it correctly, it will improve your performance and can become the difference between a win and a loss. A good diet will help you perform better whether you are cutting weight or not. We want you to become knowledgeable in the different suggestions and resources that has been provided here to help you perform better. Any top level sport (baseball, football, track, etc.) encourages a good diet plan to help the athlete perform better.


In this section you will find a few different diet plans and lifting plans to best help our athletes become the best they can be. It is highly suggested that our Central wrestlers review these and follow the programs that our outlined. If a wrestler feels one of these plans is not working for them, talk to a member of the coaching staff and they will be able to alter it to best fit your needs as an athlete.

Weight Management 

"You think training is hard...Try losing." 


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