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Here you will find several diet plans that outline ways in which you can best manage your weight and lead you to looking, feeling, and performing your best. These are not the only plans that are out there for wrestlers. If you would like to see other options that can best fit your budget or would like a plan to better fit you, please talk to a member of the coaching staff and they will find a solution to best fit your needs. If you choose to start a weight loss plan to reach a lower weight class you are certified for through the IHSA certification guidelines, you should create a food journal to help keep track of what you eat and create accoutability to help you stick to the plan!


Prior to beginning any weight loss plan check with the IHSA Weight Control Manual to make sure you are doing it within the IHSA regulations. If you have any questions over it, ask a member of the coahcing staff.



The Wrestler's Diet 

""Remember, when you are not training, someone somewhere is training; and when you meet him, he will win."

                                       - Unknown 

Tips and Pointers to Start Losing 

Example Diets 

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